Welcome to HØFY

The University College of Vocational Education (HØFY)

HØFY offered its first bachelor program in 2019. Per January 2024 we have 162 students. The college is located at Campus Kallerud in Gjøvik. We also have a campus in Porsgrunn, at Fagskolen Vestfold and Telemark's premises. We cooperate closely with vocational schools in Eastern Norway.


HØFY currently offer two bachelor programmes:

Bachelor of Construction Site Management

Bachelor of Management of technical and sustainable building installations (starting August 2024)


The programmes are not yet available in English


Internationalization is an important instrument in HØFY's strategic quality work and helps to ensure the quality of our educational programs. HØFY's planned international work involves education, research and working life, and aims to develop competence that can contribute to restructuring in Norwegian working life. HØFY strives to educate knowledgeable candidates who are active and responsible participants in the international community.


Our international strategy focus on:

Strategic cooperation


Internationalization of education


HØFY have applied for the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education

Welcome to HØFY